Monday, May 2, 2011

Www.Mass.Gov/dua/webcert - Massachusetts Unemployment Benefits Online

Massachusetts department of workforce Development has an online portal that serves the people of Massachusetts in getting the unemployment insurance from the comfort of their home. Users have to first register with the site before starting to make use of the online services provided by Massachusetts department of workforce development.In the registration process, the users have to provide their Social Security number and provide an user name and password in setting up the account.

For setting up the account, the users have to follow the Www.mass.Gov/dua/webcert and in the landing page there is a button called by the label "sign up" available at the top right corner. By using this link, the users can complete the registration process and then can start using the Unemployment insurance online services provided by the state authority. The various facilities that are provided includes using web cert to file for the weekly unemployment insurance benefits, checking the status of the claim and setting up a direct deposit.

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