Tuesday, May 10, 2011

www.Employment.Oregon.Gov - Oregon Unemployment Claim Online

Employment department of Oregon has a dedicated online web site portal containing information about the unemployment benefits program in Oregon. Though this portal, the eligible unemployed citizens of Oregon can actually apply for the unemployment insurance benefits. Oregon users have to enter this portal by following the link www.Employment.oregon.gov. This portal can be utilized by the residents of Oregon to file for unemployment claims, to search for jobs in Oregon and to get information regarding the various job fairs that are held throughout Oregon.

In the landing page of this portal, there is a link called "How do I", located at the top right hand side. Using this link, the unemployed in Oregon can actually find out the process involved in filing for unemployment initial and then the process involved in filing for a weekly claim. Then in the middle of the home page, the link “File for a week of Unemployment benefits" can be used by the user to actually file for the insurance claim. Oregon residents can also find information regarding the extended benefits for unemployed citizens.

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