Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions UI Claims

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions have come out with an online portal to cater to the needs of unemployed citizens of New Mexico. Using this portal, the New Mexico unemployed citizens can raise a request for claiming unemployment insurance.In addition to that, these unemployed citizens can look for job openings in New Mexico by registering as a Job seeker with this portal.

In order to register in that portal, the user has to enter the portal by following the link In the landing page of this portal the user can make use of the links available under the "Unemployment Insurance" section. using the "Apply for benefits" link the user can apply online for unemployment insurance. Using the "How do I" link the user can get to know the actual process involved in applying for the unemployment insurance. In addition the unemployed users can use the links available in the Job seeker section. This section includes links "Jobs and careers", "Job Fair" and "Career Exploration".

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