Sunday, April 24, 2011 - Montana Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Montana Department of Labor and Industry provides legal residents of Montana with required unemployment benefits such as unemployment Insurance. This is very much needed in these times of layoffs and economic turbulence. Montana Department of Labor and Industry online portal help the unemployed to file for their unemployment claims. By using this portal,the residents of Montana can submit the request for claiming their unemployment benefits. Users need to follow the link, for reaching the online portal.

In the landing page of this portal, the users could use the link "Unemployment Benefits Estimator" to find out the exact insurance amount that they will receive when they raise a claim through this portal. Using the link "Partial Benefits Calculator", the user can find out the weekly benefit amount would receive, in case they file a claim for receiving the partial benefits. There is also a "How do I" link available at the top of the home page, which gives all the information required for a person to file the claim, in the form of a simple Question and Answer session.

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