Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Arizona Unemployment Insurance Services Online is the website for  Arizona Unemployment Insurance Services Online. The Arizona Department of Economic Security has come with with an online portal to provide online servicing of unemployment benefits to the qualified people in Arizona. Some of the online services provided by this department includes online application for unemployment benefits, online filing for the weekly extended benefit claims, online tracking of the raised unemployment claim and raising an on line appeal against an  Unemployment Insurance decision.Arizoms users should first log in to the portal of Arizona department of Economic Security by following the link or

In the landing page of this portal, the various online services listed earlier have been provided in a separate frame. There are separate frames containing information, relevant for a new applicant, regarding the weekly claims process , regarding the appeals process, regarding the payment information among other information. There is also a "Help with" section in the home page which gives details to the users regarding how to handle missed filing, PIN resetting and unavailability of social security number. There is also an announcement section which gives information regarding the Holiday schedule of the call center that responds to the information asked by the users.

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