Saturday, June 4, 2011 - Subway Job Application Online

Subway is an American restaurant franchise that caters specialty items like submarine sandwiches and salads to millions of customers, through its more than 34,640 outlets in 98 different countries across the globe. is the site through which you can search and apply for a job with any of the franchisees of this nearly half-a-century old organization. The corporate office of Subway at Milford, Connecticut of the United States recognizes its associates as its main pillar of strength and invites people with penchant for service and customer satisfaction, to join one of its franchisees. If you are a customer, you can read about

‘Sandwich Artist’, ‘Senior Sandwich Artist’, ‘Shift Manager’, ‘Assistant Manager’, ‘Manager’, ‘Multi Unit Manager’, etc. are some of the coveted positions that you will find, along with all the intricate details, by clicking the link “Job Descriptions” in this site. The ‘Career ladder’ link provides you an in-depth knowledge about these positions; ‘Sandwich Artist’ being the entry level and you will have the opportunity to progress and become a ‘Multi Unit Manager’, really fast, through hard work, passionate service and integrity. Following the link “Apply Today”, you can search for the location of particular Subway restaurant/restaurants and select it/these to send your application for consideration. By reading the views of the existing employees through the link, ‘Working at Subway Restaurants’, you will be even more encouraged to join this excellent organization and have a flourishing career.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - Kansas Unemployment Benefits Debit Card

Kansas Department of Labor has tied up with Citi Bank and have provided Citi Bank Prepaid cards to their unemployed citizens. Using this card they can access their unemployment benefits account and use the money for various personal use including shopping or paying utility bills. Kansas Citizens who have been provided this card can actually look at all the transactions they had made using the online portal of the Citi Bank Prepaid debit card. Users need to follow the link, to reach the online portal of this pre paid card.

In the landing page of , the users can make use of the link "Register your card..." to register the card with this portal, which will provide enhanced security to the card account while performing online transactions. If some user want to quickly check their account through this portal, then they can use the link "View your balances and transactions" link. First time users would have received a reward code which can be entered in the reward code field

Friday, May 20, 2011 - Maryland department of Labor, Licensing and Regulatio

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation have a dedicated on line portal where they hold all the information related to all the Maryland government assistance programs. One such government program is the Unemployment Insurance program. Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law ensures that the unemployment benefits are that are passed on to the employees are funded by the employers. Both the employers and the employees who have been laid off can follow the link to reach the maryland Unemployment insurance portal

In the landing page of this portal, there are tab links related to the "Claimant info" and the "Employers Info". In the Claimant info, there are very useful links available for the person claiming the unemployment insurance. These include the links for "How to apply for Unemployment Insurance Video", "Filing a claim" and "Reopening an existing claim".The employer info tab section contains information related to the forms and publications and contact information of UI Tax personnel.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - Virginia Unemployment Benefits

Virginia Employment Commission provides various services related to the labor industry in the state of Virginia. The various Labor related information such as the current Unemployment level in Virginia, Current Job openings in Virginia and unemployment benefits are shared by the Virginia Employment Commission with the people of Virginia through their web site portal. People of Virginia can enter the protal created by VEC by following the link

In the landing page of this portal, the users can use the "on line services" link available on the top left hand side of the portal. This will lead the users to a page where they need to select the language in which they need to apply for the benefits. The user has two language options, namely English and Spanish. By selecting the Language link the user is led to the actual "Claim services" page. The user has to scroll to the bottom of this page and use the link "Click here..." to fill the claim. - Texas Unemployment Benefits

For those unemployed legal citizens in Texas, Texas Labor Department has come out with an online portal which can be used by them to claim Unemployment insurance. They can also use this Texas work force site to search for jobs by going though the different job listings available in the portal. Additionally, this portal also contains information regarding the career prospects for students undergoing particular degree courses. Employers can also use the online portal to file and pay taxes. Veterans also can log in to this portal and find information related to them.

Users need to follow the to enter the online portal of the Texas workforce. In the landing page of this portal, Unemployed personal can make use of the links available in the "Unemployment Insurance section" to apply for unemployment benefits. Unemployed people can also use the link "Claim and Payment status" under the same unemployment section for keeping track of the request raised and whether the payment has been made.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions UI Claims

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions have come out with an online portal to cater to the needs of unemployed citizens of New Mexico. Using this portal, the New Mexico unemployed citizens can raise a request for claiming unemployment insurance.In addition to that, these unemployed citizens can look for job openings in New Mexico by registering as a Job seeker with this portal.

In order to register in that portal, the user has to enter the portal by following the link In the landing page of this portal the user can make use of the links available under the "Unemployment Insurance" section. using the "Apply for benefits" link the user can apply online for unemployment insurance. Using the "How do I" link the user can get to know the actual process involved in applying for the unemployment insurance. In addition the unemployed users can use the links available in the Job seeker section. This section includes links "Jobs and careers", "Job Fair" and "Career Exploration". - MyFlorida Access Florida

Florida Department of Children and Families have been providing great services to the legal residents of Florida with respect to providing medical assistance, food assistance and cash assistance. They have started providing all these services through the online portal and by following the Electronic Benefits Transfer system. Customers have to first register with the online portal of the service provider, Florida department of Children and Families. 
For this they have to go to the online portal and in the landing page, they have to complete the registration using the link "New Customer?Register here". After completing the registration process, the customers can view the benefit status. The customers can make use of the "programs" link to find out the various available state programs that are run by this department. Also there is a pre screening icon in the home page, which can be used by the customer to find out whether they are eligible for any one of the assistance programs. Once they now that they are eligible for any one of the assistance they can use the apply for benefits icon to raise the claim.

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